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Legacy Bursary

The T.Buck Suzuki Foundation is opening applications for our annual Buck Suzuki Legacy Bursary. We are offering a bursary of $1000, open to students in any fisheries or marine related studies (including undergraduate, graduate, and trade studies). In addition to this funding, the successful applicant can be connected with a mentor from the T.Buck Suzuki Foundation to help with guidance through their academic and career endeavours.

Deadline: June 15, 2018

Application Requirements

  • Please provide a letter or video addressing the following questions:
    • In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge facing youth today?
    • How may your studies help to build a brighter future?
  • Describe your relationship to the ocean or marine community.
    • How do you interact with the marine environment?
    • If applicable, detail family employment in the marine sectors and/or any connection to marine industries
  • This letter/video should be concise: maximum three pages or 5 minute video.


  • Eligible candidates must be enrolled in or entering a marine-related undergraduate, graduate, or trade program in a Canadian institution.
    • E.g. marine trades, shipwright, vessel master, marine biology, marine ecology, marine certifications, fish biology, fisheries science, social justice, community health sciences, or natural resource management.
  • Preference will be given to students with family connection to the marine sectors.
  • Supporting documents are encouraged, any including:
    • Letters of reference
    • High school or university transcripts
    • Demonstrate academic achievement, creative accomplishment, community service and leadership.
    • A list of accomplishments (awards, presentations, publications, work experience, public service, etc.)

Please submit all bursary application materials to by June 15, 2018.