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Protect the marine environment with green boating and green harbour practices - be OceanSmart

Download your OceanSmart app: for iPhones here and androids here.

TBuck's OceanSmart green boating app was designed to make it easy for mariners help protect Canada’s waters.

  • Connectivity features include instant photo reporting to regulators with exact lat/long of and much more.
  • One touch cell phone reporting Canadian Coast Guard,
  • Maps highlighting marine infrastructure, pumpouts,marinas, andMPAs.

Top green boating practices at your fingertips:

  • Reduce your fuel consumption - small efforts add up!
  • Reduce the use of toxic cleaners - it benefits our children!
  • Protect marine species - it's their planet too!
  • Protect habitat - backyard habitat is everywhere!
  • Manage all waste properly - there is no AWAY!
  • Get onboard with OceanSmart good practices

Download your app for iPhone here and android here.

To get a hardcopy of our Green Boating Guide or Fuel Efficieny Guide you can download them from our website or ask at your local harbour office or call us at 1-866-960-1398.


T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation has been working for many years to make sure that as our coastal habours are improved and that "green" environmental practices are front and centre. Green harbour planning and infrastructure projects have been developed with local Harbour Authorities in Deep Bay, Cowichan Bay, Sointula, Fanny Bay, Port Hardy and a number of other B.C. coastal harbours. For example, after a year of planning, funding proposals and partnerships with the Harbour Authority of Deep Bay, Small Craft Harbours, the Community Fisheries Development Centre and the Island Coastal Economic Trust, work was completed on the Green Harbour infrastructure project in Deep Bay. 

As well as increasing the moorage space by 40 percent for shellfish aquaculture and the commercial fishing fleet, the project has also removed congestion in the harbour allowing better tidal flushing and a much needed improvement to the water quality in the harbour. Creosote pilings were removed and concrete anchoring systems were installed throughout that will also reduce contaminants from entering the water column in the harbour.

Green Boating Guide

Our OceanSMART Green Boating Guide

Fuel Efficiency Guide

Our OceanSMART Fuel Efficiency Guide