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Protect the marine environment with green boating practices - be OceanSMART

  • Reduce your fuel consumption - small efforts add up!
  • Reduce the use of toxic cleaners - it benefits our children!
  • Protect marine species - it's their planet too!
  • Protect habitat - backyard habitat is everywhere!
  • Manage all waste properly - there is no AWAY!
  • Get onboard with OceanSMART good practices

To get a copy of our Green Boating Guide or Fuel Effecieny Guide you can download them from our website or ask at your local harbour office or call us at 1-866-960-1398.

Vessels contribute only a small part of the pollutions affecting our waterways, however vessels frequent enclosed bays and other sensitive habitats making their impact significant.

For instance approximately 82 million litres of sewage are released into the Georgia Basin by small vessels each year, untreated sewage that is far more toxic than municipal sewage – the sewage from one boat over a weekend has a fecal coliform count equivalent to the treated sewage from 10,000 people over the same period.

In May 2012 the Canadian government new regulations restricting vessel pollutions come fully into force, bring Canada into line with international maritime regulations. However most recreational and small commercial boaters will find it challenging to comply with the full intent of the new regulations because of the absence of easily accessible and useable marine waste disposal facilities.

What is needed is a comprehensive boat waste disposal plan and we are working with Georgia Strait Alliance on providing solutions.

Green Boating Guide

Our OceanSMART Green Boating Guide

Fuel Efficiency Guide

Our OceanSMART Fuel Efficiency Guide