Current Projects

Local Fishing Knowledge

Sustainable fisheries are a key component of marine ecosystem based management and integrated marine planning. For marine planning to be successful, local fishing knowledge is needed at the decision making tables.

In 2010 the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation launched a project working with fishermen to collect local fishing knowledge in a manner that protects their privacy while allowing their information to be brought into marine planning processes.

The project uses GIS maps and the 100 penny methodology piloted by Ecotrust.

The data collected will be used in a confidential manner, to produce general maps for public use, and more specific maps to protect access to fisheries areas needed and used by fishermen.

When another use is proposed for a marine area it can be checked for conflict against current and historic fisheries usage.

If you would like to find out more about this project please give one of our offices a call at 250-624-4147 or 604-519-3635.