Marine Planning


The Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) covers approximately 102,000 km2 of nearshore, onshore, and offshore ocean, extending from the Alaska border to the south end of Johnstone Strait on the east, and the Brooks Peninsula on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

PNCIMA is the most significant commercial fishing catch area on the BC coast. The area generates:
• 85% of BC’s trawl catch (excluding hake),
• 90% of its hook-and-line catch,
• 85-90% of the sablefish catch,
• 85% of the salmon catch,
• 85% of the spawn on kelp harvest,
• Greater then 50% of the roe herring harvest in many years,
• 60 % of the geoduck catch,
• 43% of dungeness crab catch,
• 36% of the prawn catch, and
• Almost the entire red and green urchin and sea cucumber catch on the BC coast.

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