Salmon Farming

What You Can Do

You have the power to make environmentally harmful industries like open net salmon farming change for the better. Your participation can make a difference, get involved today!

Things You Can Do to Help:

  • Dine and shop at businesses that are protecting wild salmon by not selling net-cage farmed salmon. Find a Wild Salmon Supporter in your neighborhood!
  • Write a letter to the editor of your favourite publication and government leaders.
  • Make some noise! Get involved in your community. .
  • Contact your Member of Parliament and ask for a transition from net pens to closed containment

Open net-cage salmon farming is not sustainable.

We want to see a farmed salmon industry that:

  • Uses technology that eliminates the risks of disease and parasite transfer to wild fish as well as escapes of farmed fish into the wild;
  • Guarantees untreated waste is not released into the ocean;
  • Labels fish as “farmed” so consumers can make informed choices;
  • Develops feed for farmed salmon that does not deplete fish stocks around the world;
  • Ensures wildlife is not harmed as a result of salmon farming;
  • Prohibits the use of genetically modified fish;
  • Eliminates the use of chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides in salmon farming;
  • Ensures contaminants in farmed salmon don’t exceed levels deemed safe by international standards; and
  • Stops locating salmon farms in areas opposed by First Nations or other local communities.