Skeena Estuary

CN Skeena Rail Corridor Herbicide Spray Issue

CN Skeena Rail Corridor Herbicide Spray Issue

Massive Herbicide Application too close to Salmon habitat

In fall 2017 in the 150 kilometer section of the Skeena rail corridor, we saw what appeared to be a massive herbicide application  which came too close to salmon habitat in numerous and extensive locations. See photos here.

Glyphosate contaminated leaves directly overhanging salmon habitat

We commissioned an expert Amanita Coosemans to visit the area, document some apparent violations of pesticide free zones which are required by BC law and to sample foliage. She found glyphosate in leaves directly overhanging salmon bearing waters. See media report here.

Salmon at risk

The affected area is extremely important for chum salmon and pink salmon which spawn in large numbers there. Both pink eggs and chum eggs would have been present at the time the spraying took place. Juvenile coho, steelhead and chinook salmon would also have been present.

“may cause adverse effects to Pacific salmonid populations”

We commissioned a report by a leading aquatic toxicology expert:“GLYPHOSATE FATE AND TOXICITY TO FISH WITH SPECIAL RELEVANCE TO SALMON AND STEELHEAD POPULATIONS IN THE SKEENA RIVER WATERSHED”- Dr. Chris Kennedy Nov 2017 Full report here

May/June 2018 In the midst of investigations by federal and provincial investigators- CN claims exemption from BC law

In reply to T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation requests to comment on CN’s plans for 2018 spraying along the Skeena, CN sent us a copy of their letter to the BC Ministry of the Environment claiming to be exempt from BC pesticide laws. See letter here

Link here to CBC radio interview with TBSEF lawyer Angela McCue

Link to newspaper report

What you can do

Urge your BC provincial MLA to enforce provincial law requiring pesticide free zones around salmon habitat—in regard to 2017 possible violations and for 2018

Donate to us to help with our legal, sample analysis and expert professional fee expenses. Button top right hand corner above- note Skeena herbicide issue

Tell CN to obey BC law.