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Fishing Communities Face Risk to their Air Quality if Aurora Built

Residents in Dodge Cove and Prince Rupert (both fishing communities) face risk to their air quality if Aurora LNG is built. After local residents asked for help we found experts who confirmed troubling issues. TBSEF, PRES and UFAWU submitted a joint comment to the Environmental Assessment Office. The whole comment (with highly credible experts) confirms:

  • The calculation of NO2 (a criteria air contaminant (CAC) with health impacts) done by Aurora underestimated NO2 concentrations over nearby residential areas by about 20% as a result of one inaccurate assumption (and there could be others)
  • The Application did not give enough information for us, our experts, and the public to review other important emission assumptions impacting CAC forecasts despite repeated requests
  • CAC calculation is a significant issue regarding assessment of serious human health risk.