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New tests show vast contamination - Get building Victoria’s Sewage Treatment System now

New tests confirm what local divers suspected: The CRD`s raw sewage discharge is contaminating a vast marine area off Victoria.  In a video “CRD sewage outfall pollution in Victoria BC” released August 11, commercial divers suspected sediments found over 5 kilometers from Victoria’s outfalls were raw sewage from the discharge; the results confirm it.

Sediment samples taken from depths ranging from 50 to 65 feet at seven locations around Victoria Bight were tested for fecal coliforms in a University of Victoria laboratory.   Because fecal coliforms are universally present in the digestive tract, the presence of these microorganisms in environmental samples is indicative of fecal contamination.  The coliform levels of all sediment samples tested exceeded recreational (200 fecal coliforms/100 ml) and shellfish (14 fecal coliforms/100 ml) water standards. In fact, those taken at William Head, 10.5 kms from the Macaulay Point outfall, and Trial Island West, 2.6. kms from the Clover Point outfall, exceeded recreational standards by 1200%.  Storm water outfalls were eliminated as a potential source of these fecal coliforms.

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