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OceanSmart App

TBuck's OceanSmart green boating app was designed to make it easy for mariners help protect Canada’s waters.

  • Connectivity features include instant photo reporting to regulators with exact lat/long of:
    • spills, 
    • accidents,
    • wildlife sightings,
    • debris,
    • derelict vessels and
    • much more.
  • One touch cell phone reporting to:
    • Canadian Coast Guard,
    • Oil Spill Response,  
    • Wildlife Protection Agencies,
    • Illegal Fishing,
    • Boating Safety and
    • Invasive Species
  • Maps highlighting
    • marine infrastructure, 
    • pumpouts,
    • marinas,  
    • MPAs.
  • Top green boating practices at your fingertips
    • Reduce your fuel consumption - small efforts add up!
    • Reduce the use of toxic cleaners - it benefits our children!
    • Protect marine species - it's their planet too!
    • Protect habitat - backyard habitat is everywhere!
    • Manage all waste properly - there is no AWAY!

Download your free app for iPhones here and android here.