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Skeena Estuary LNG Site Needs Public Scrutiny

WCEL Blog -by Andrew Gage

Spot the difference between two gas industry maps

Remember when Enbridge accidentally left hundreds of islands off the maps it submitted in support of the environmental assessment of its Pipelines and Tankers project?  Well, it turns out that Enbridge is not the only cartographically-challenged oil and gas company.  Take a look at the two maps on the right.  The first is a close-up of a map originally submitted by Pacific Northwest LNG to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to show the location of its proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility in Prince Rupert.  The second is from the corrected version, submitted after environmental groups and local media noted that something was missing from the first map.

Do you see the difference?  Link to full article.


Northernview Newspaper Article - by Shaun Thomas

Pacific Northwest LNG comment period must reopen, says lawyer

West Coast Environmental Law and the Tbuck Suzuki Foundation are calling on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to reopen the public comment period for Pacific NorthWest LNG's planner terminal on Lelu Island.

In a letter sent by counsel Andrew Gage, the two groups say the fact the Skeena River was missing from the original map filed by Pacific NorthWest LNG means some impacted parties may have missed out on providing feedback.

"As a result of these inaccurate notices, it may well be that individuals who might be concerned about the Skeena River may have failed to appreciate the project's proximity to the river and failed to make comments..."  Link to full article