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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) is hosting a series of roundtable discussions on Sustainable Development in BC and you are invited!. 

BCCIC is a provincial network of individuals and organizations working toward a better world through international cooperation and global sustainable development. This fall we are focusing on the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a way for Canada to do better and as focal point for civil society collaboration. The Sustainable Development Goals are designed to guide global efforts to address problems such as poverty, hunger, injustice, environmental destruction and climate change. The interesting thing about the SDGs is that for the first time they're universal, so Goal 1 is about ending poverty in all its forms everywhere whether it’s in the streets of Nigeria or downtown Vancouver, and Goal 15 is about conserving terrestrial ecosystems whether it’s rainforests in Brazil or species at risk in Canada.

In order to work with this new framework BCCIC is hosting a series of roundtable meetings throughout the province to learn how civil society organisations are already contributing to sustainable development either locally or globally and to foster opportunities for collaboration. We expect the Vancouver Island meetings to be an opportunity for rich dialogue and valuable networking amongst attendees representing some of the most innovative and socially engaged organisations on the Island. Meetings will involve up to 20 participants and begin with a brief introduction to BCCIC, the Sustainable Development Goals and why they matter before focussing on networking activities and group discussions that address the following key questions:

  • What are the main sustainable development issues on Vancouver Island (locally and globally)?
  • Who’s working on these issues and how (locally or globally)?
  • How are these issues related?
  • What are the challenges of addressing these goals collectively?
  • What are the opportunities for addressing these goals collectively?

As the main output, we envision a report or interactive website that provides information on how BC's non--‐profits are contributing to sustainable development and acts as a valuable resource for individuals and groups to link with each other and foster collaborative efforts. We also see these meeting as a valuable opportunity for groups to network, explore possibilities for collaboration and share their experiences working with sustainable development whether their focus is people, peace, prosperity or planet.