Climate Change

In 1988 TBuck sponsored a conference on Climate Change and the Future of Wild Salmon, 25 years later we are seeing the predictions come ture.

One keynote speaker, Dr. Peter Larkin, flagged the looming issue of climate change and negative impacts on B.C. salmon production.

Climate change is now an accepted global crisis.

Ocean Acidification threatens to restructure the food web as we know it.

Our social, political and scientific leaders are focusing on the issue, but it is in our local communities that actions are needed to mitigate, adapt and offset the impacts.

We need an integrated approach to climate change, all of our actions need to be measured in order to minimize climate change.

Do your part: reduce, reuse, recycle, redesign, repair, reclaim and recover resources whenever possible.

For what you can do check out our backyard action centre. or  the BC Sustainable Energy Association  (we are members).