Marine Planning

Integrated marine planning is necessary for healthy oceans and our future wellbeing. This will protect activities we depend on like commercial fisheries.

This can only be achieved through collaborative engagement and shared decision making with affected stakeholders, coastal communities and relevant gervernment agencies.

We are working with marine industry, labour and environmental organizations and government agencies on marine planning to identify key marine areas and species to protect. For marine planning to be successful Local Fishing Knowledge - a generalized view of what species are caught where and by what gear - is needed at the decision making tables, particularly when marine protected areas are being discussed. To this end T. Buck is engaging with and documenting the Local Fishing Knowledge of B.C. commercial fishermen, to help inform the various marine planning processes presently underway. If you feel that you have some knowledge to share, please contact either Des Nobels in our northern office or Jim McIsaac in Victoria.

We are taking part in a number of government advisory processes on marine planning.

Active marine planning intiatives on Canada's Pacific Coast include: