Buck Suzuki Legacy Bursary Recipient

TBuck is pleased to support Graham "Jaahljuu" Richard, as he persues studies in Applied Coastal Ecology with Coast Mountain College in Terrace and Prince Rupert. Jaahljuu is the recipient of the 2020 Buck Suzuki Legacy Bursary. Jaahljuu is a harvester from the families Kyaanuusalii (Codfish People) and Kayxal (Ravens) and lives in HlGaagilda (Skidegate), Haida Gwaii where he spends time studying and fishing.  

“We love to go out gathering in Haida Gwaii aboard our plucky 16' skiff Skaahll (crackshot). Skaahll is always punching well above their weight, venturing out to Daawxuusda (the west coast of Haida Gwaii) and Chaahluu Kaahlii (Rennell Sound) regularly, and this year we made it all the way out to HlGaa Sgiiijuuwas (Pillar Rock) chasing after t'aaGun (Spring salmon). Skaahll takes me and my best friend SGaan Kwahagang to get all kinds of chiixuu (seafood), but probably my favourite is guuding.ngaay (Purple sea urchin), cuz we can give lots away when we get back to town. Our boat gets pretty hungry, so we sometimes have to take them up into the estuaries to load up with k'aad (Haida Gwaii blacktail). Skaahll has also been known to have a healthy taste for mischief, and has done a bit of Haida Title work. End of a good day we like to rip across the waves together and listen to Freddie King and Anderson Paak on the way back from the good spots. Yep. Just cruisin along, goin on year 20,000 and 1 out this way.

A huge haawa to TBuck Suzuki Legacy Bursary as I pursue a new degree! I'm real good at APA, and there's lots of that. So first semester is going good so far.”

The Buck Suzuki Legacy Bursary is a $1000 bursary granted annually in memory of our namesake, Tatsuro "Buck" Suzuki, a fish harvester and advocate for fish habitat protection. By supporting the education of young harvesters we are supporting strong and sustainable ecosystems and communities for future generations. The Buck Suzuki Bursary is open to students in fisheries or marine-related studies in the trades and at the undergraduate and graduate levels annually. Applications for the 2021 Buck Suzuki Legacy Bursary will open in Summer 2021.