COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Active Fishermen's Committee (CVAFC) is actively coordinating responses to the on-going pandemic. This includes developing health and safety protocols to keep coastal communities and fishermen safe during this crisis; identifying financial measures needed to keep fishermen and their enterprises viable through this crisis; and working together with others in the sector through a task force to ensure government responses meet harvester needs.

Indigenous Business Support Program COVID-19 Emergency Loan for Indigenous fish harvesters

  • This program is a $40,000 loan/grant. It includes a 75 percent zero-interest loan for $30,000 and a 25 percent grant for $10,000. There are no payments on the $30,000 for the first 12 months, then the $30,000 must be paid back over the remaining 4-year term. The program is administered through the Native Fishing Association, and the application can be found here

Farmer's Markets resources for fishermen

Fish and shellfish are listed as high risk foods at temporary food markets by the BCCDC, and sale would require approval by the local Health Authority and other specifications outlined in Appendix III of the Farmer's Markets guidelines. 

CVAFC Report on Activities

On April 15th 2020 - The CVAFC has published a report of its activities and the terms of reference guiding its work. It can be found here

Safety protocols and resources

April 20th - We have released a press release about our recently-released safety protocols. It can be found here.

April 15th 2020 - The CVAFC is developing safety protocols for fishermen to use to ensure both harvesters and coastal communities are protected amidst the pandemic. They are available here.  

April 9th 2020 - FishSafe BC has created a set of guidelines and printable resources. The can be found here.

Press Releases

March 30th 2020 - We have published a press release with further information about fish harvesters' response to the crisis. 

Local seafood resources

We have put together a list of B.C. harvesters, processors, and fishmongers who can provide British Columbians with local seafood. If you have any questions, or are a harvester and want to be included in the list, please contact us. 

Seafood providers

Educational resources