Maps can be a powerful advocacy tool for fishermen. When it comes to marine planning, having a clear understanding of what areas are important to a fishery is vital. We began our work doing fishery mapping in 2020 because we saw a need for more information to support fish harvesters.  

Our team works in partnership with fishing associations, and independent harvesters to create maps of fishery footprints, and identify areas with frequent fishing gear loss. Our GIS Manager, Adrienne brings a wealth of experience from humanitarian and environmental projects to mapping along the BC coast. 

We work closely with our partners, and participants to make sure our process of collecting data and using maps is transparent. 

We’re currently working with 

  • The Connected Coast Project to ensure cables laid for the project won’t interfere with important trawling areas. 
  • Prawn Industry Caucus mapping fishery footprints. 
  • Area A Crab Fishermen Association mapping fishery footprints.

Adrienne Murphy leads this project. Contact her for more information: Adrienne (at) bucksuzuki (dot) org