Our statement on Mi'kmaq fisheries

Like most Canadians, we at the TBuck Suzuki Foundation are horrified by the violence being perpetrated against the Mi'kmaq community in Nova Scotia. This should not be tolerated anywhere in our country. The RCMP and the federal government should not be standing by watching this violence. 

Nationally this conflict is ripping at the fabric of our coastal communities, and harvesters, an integral part of this fabric, are being ripped apart. Our federal government is responsible for facilitating the transparent governance of our fisheries, their leadership is notably absent in this conflict.  

We recognize the inherent right of the Mi'kmaq community to fish for a livelihood. We also recognize that wild fisheries are complex, much more than just the right to fish. The future we need to build must embrace this complexity, and be anchored in equity, respect, co-operation, and a willingness to work with and learn from one another. It’s time for us all to begin the conversations that will lead us down an equitable path for Indigenous and non-Indigenous harvesters alike.