Other Pollution-Related Publications

We have been involved in pollution prevention work since our founding in 1981. The documents in this page comprise different aspects of this work that don't fit easily in other parts of our publications page. 


Anchor Safe Prince Rupert - A report on the increasing number of anchored incidents by ships in Prince Rupert harbour (2019)

Summary of Comments on Aurora LNG Plant Application - Comments submitted against the 2017 proposed development of the Aurora LNG plant in Prince Rupert (2017)

Evidence Presented by the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation and UNIFOR against the Trans-Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project (2015)

Results-Based Forestry: A Proven Failure in the Protection of Salmon Streams - A brief by Dr. George Hoberg (UBC Faculty of Forestry) commissioned by the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation and the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union (no date). 

Fish for the Future, Protecting Fish Habitat: Issues and Solutions - A report produced by the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation (no date)