Tips for keeping your traps

Let’s talk about trap loss! 

One of the great things about living on the coast of BC is getting to take advantage of the incredible recreational fishing opportunities available. For anyone harvesting from the ocean a strong knowledge of how to prevent losing a trap is key to preventing ocean pollution that can be dangerous to sea life. TBuck generally focuses on commercial fishing, and commercial gear loss, but rec gear gets lost as well. This summer our gear retrieval team spent days on the water doing nothing but pulling up lost traps, and discovered that many recreational crab traps were lost for reasons that could have been easily prevented. So the crew came up with some tips for folks who are getting into recreational fishing to avoid losing a trap. Share them wide and far, and we’ll be able to keep our coast that much more clean, and our fisheries (commercial and recreational) more sustainable. 

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Also, remember these tips are just for trap loss prevention. Make sure you’re familiar with all of the DFO crab harvesting guidelines before you set your traps. 

Happy fishing!