Our work in this area is focused on the Skeena River estuary in Northern B.C. and may result in broader BC and Canadian improvements.

  • In autumn 2017 a massive pesticide application along the 150 km CN Skeena rail corridor resulted in numerous and extensive apparent violations threatening key habitat for spawning salmon. We informed the public and shared expert field assessment and scientific analysis with federal and provincial investigators towards enforcement of existing legislation. Three of these reports are:  Glyphosate CN - Northern View, Glyphosate fate and toxicity to salmon (Skeena) - Dr. Kennedy 2018 and Field Assessment - A. Coosemans.
  • We commented on CN's 2018 draft Pest Management Plan (PMP) and using that as an example are working with West Coast Environmental Law towards legislative reform to reintroduce access to a provincial environmental appeals board when industrial PMPs do not adequately incorporate expert recommendations for habitat protection.

  • We celebrated some success, in May 2021 CN Rail was fined $100,000 for failing to get authorization to spray. The majority of the fine will go to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation to restore the Skeena region’s habitat for fish and wildlife. This incident is still under investigation and CN may still face charges under the Federal Fisheries Act.

    TBuck would like to extend a big thank you to West Coast Environmental Law, and the UVIC Environmental Law Centre. Support from these organizations has been instrumental in our campaign.

Luanne Roth leads this project. Please contact her for more information.