Jim McIsaac – Executive Director


Jim worked in the commercial fishery for over 20 years before coming to work for the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation in 2004. He is driven by his passion for the B.C. coast and has been involved in pollution prevention, habitat protection and sustainability of fisheries in his work with the foundation. He led the development of our OceanSmart program, works within regional and national pollution prevention processes, and is involved in fisheries research and marine planning, management and governance.

Jim can be reached at: jim (at) bucksuzuki (dot) org


Caitie Frenkel – Sustainability Director

Caitie grew up in Northern B.C., however her passion for the ocean led her to pursue studies at the University of Victoria, obtaining a BSc. in Marine Biology and currently finishing up her MSc. in Environmental Studies. In between her studies, Caitie worked in various parts of B.C.’s marinesector including research, tourism, and fisheries monitoring. Through these experiences, Caitie understood how connected people are to BC’s coast and the importance of engaging with marine users to enhance research outcomes. Her time working alongside B.C.’s fisheries inspired her to return to UVic to study why and where commercial fishing gear becomes lost in the Pacific Region, answering those questions with an interdisciplinary approach using local fisher knowledge and spatial modelling. Caitie believes that participatory research and collaboration are key to supporting healthy fisheries, coastal communities, and marine ecosystems. She values learning from others’ perspectives and expertise, aiming to incorporate those views into her work to benefit both marine ecosystems and the people who are deeply connected to them.

Caitie can be reached at: caitie (at) bucksuzuki (dot) org


Alaina Pyde - North Coast Campaigner

Alaina’s passion for the marine environment and coast began as a kid, she has fond memories of visiting family in Prince Rupert during the summers. Ultimately this is what led her to receive a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from the University of New Brunswick where she has done independent research specifically within the lobster fishery. She also has field experience in the Pacific Northwest as she is a certified at sea observer and has completed two dungeness crab biosampling trips in Hecate Strait. Alaina is excited to apply the concepts she learned in school to the B.C. coast and its unique ecosystem.

Alaina can be reached at: alaina (at) bucksuzuki (dot) org

Trish Whetstone - BC Young Fishermen's Network Coordinator

Trish grew up in Vancouver, B.C. on English Bay where the waves, woods, and urban atmosphere intertwined. Immersed in the market culture of Granville Island, she recognized the power in gathering to produce, acquire, and enjoy nourishment as a vehicle for connection and community building from an early age. Her passion for cultivating human understanding through collective experience led her to pursue a BFA in performance production from Memorial University of Newfoundland. While attending, she conducted independent research on the commercial fishing history of the North Atlantic, focusing on fisheries industry impacts on community health, cultural expression, and identity. She has shared her enthusiasm for creatively engaging new audiences with local fisheries and the blue foods sector as an event and program creator, fishmonger, writer, and seafood literacy educator. Trish is dedicated to creating space to support the next generation of seafood harvesters, industry allies, and blue food consumers in navigating the way to a holistically sustainable future for coastal communities and ecosystems.

Trish can be reached at: trish (at) bucksuzuki (dot) org

Hannah Fiegenbaum - Communications Manager

Hannah grew up on the east coast in the state of Massachusetts. Her interest in the diversity of ocean life brought her to UBC where she earned a B.Sc. in Biology. After completing her degree her focus was set on fostering links between conservation and social justice. She has directed programming and communications for community lead cycling organizations in Vancouver. She has also had the pleasure of sharing the beauty of the BC coast with hundreds of visitors as a marine naturalist. Hannah is passionate about sharing the work of the organization, and the stories of our coastal communities with the world.

Hannah can be reached at: hannah (at) bucksuzuki (dot) org